Programs under development

for cosmetics and nutrition

Cosmetics: Collaborative program with OLÉOS - HALLSTAR

In 2018, DEINOVE launched a collaborative program aimed at developing new 100% natural cosmetic active ingredients that combine the exclusive properties of DEINOVE bacteria with OLÉOS' patented oleo-eco-extraction technology.

Two innovative ingredients in development

DEINOVE and OLÉOS are pooling their expertise to develop innovative active ingredients for cosmetics and especially for skin care.

The objective is to select certain DEINOVE bacteria for their valuable properties in cosmetics, to optimize the production of fermenters, and to formulate a stable Oléoactif®, with clinically proven efficacy, easy to formulate, and in compliance with the requirements of the cosmetic market, which will enrich the range of products proposed by OLÉOS.

DEINOVE works to optimize the production performance of the selected strains, while OLÉOS formulates innovative ingredients by applying its extraction method to bacterial biomass.

Two active ingredienst are currently under development for a commercial launch planned in 2019. The second program is supported by the Occitanie Region.

The exclusive oleo-eco-extraction process developed by OLÉOS

Developed by OLÉOS and patented in 2009, the oleo-eco-extraction process is an innovative and eco-certifiable technology, using no chemical or organic solvent, based on the solvent power of vegetable oils. An Oléoactif® is distinguished from a classic macerate by its high stability and its high concentration of active biomolecules. Each Oléoactive® is a unique and optimized synergy between a vegetable oil and a plant or, in the case of the active ingredients developed in collaboration with DEINOVE, bacterial biomass.

A French company created in 2010, OLÉOS joined the American group HALLSTAR in 2016. The company has developed, from its proprietary process, about 20 active ingredients marketed with cosmetic brands in France and internationally, and continues to expand its range.


Cosmetics: Collaborative program with DOW

DEINOVE initiated in 2019 a collaboration with Dow for the joint development of an exclusive natural cosmetic ingredient.

Dow has selected an extract belonging to the DEINOVE proprietary strains’ bank to launch a new cosmetic active ingredient for skin care applications. 

DEINOVE will now develop and optimize a dedicated production process and will ensure the industrial transposition and production of the developed cosmetic active. Leveraging its expertise and its cell biology laboratory in Belgium, Dow intends to qualify the cosmetic active and integrate it into its product portfolio, receiving commercial exclusivity worldwide. This compound is aligned with DOW’s strategy of expanding and transforming their portfolio dedicated to skin care. Commercialization is planned for early 2021.


Animal Nutrition: COLOR2B Program in collaboration with AVRIL

The COLOR2B program was launched in September 2014 in collaboration with Groupe AVRIL (ex. Sofiprotéol), the leading actor in the French oil and protein industry. It aims to develop a process for the production of natural additives for animal feed. In the long term, both partners aim to industrialize the bioproduction of such additives and to launch new ranges of products in animal nutrition.

Both partners announced that they successfully reached the first milestone of the project in May 2015 (fine selection of candidate strains). The second milestone, completed in April 2017, validated the efficacy and bioavailability of compounds produced from the 7 strains selected. The compounds produced by these strains, added to farm animal feed at the experimental station, have been assimilated by their organisms and have produced the desired effects.

 The most successful strain was selected for different formulation tests. Whatever the formulation chosen, its performance proved to be comparable to that of products on the market, from petrochemicals. Test were conducted on different animal species in order to expand the commercial potential of this ingredient.

In June 2019, the partners confirmed the efficacy of the ingredient at a competitive dosage and that the regulatory and industrial stages are underway for marketing purposes.


Cosmetics and nutrition: Innovative Carotenoid Program

DEINOVE's Innovative Carotenoid Program is part of the DEINOCHEM research program, conducted from 2013 to 2017 with the support of the Investments for the Future Program for biochemical compounds produced from Deinococcus, including compounds from the carotenoid family (a large family of molecules known, among others, for their antioxidant properties).

These products have a strong potential in the three markets targeted by DEINOVE: incorporated in skin care for their antioxidant properties, as dyes in the nutrition sector, in the form of food supplements, etc.

The objective of DEINOVE is to offer a competitive biosourced alternative for manufacturers by developing a range of natural carotenoids produced by biotechnology and offering significant advantages in terms of supply and quality stability, preservation of natural resources, and costs. Several hundreds of Deinococcus strains naturally produce carotenoids with innovative structures. By optimizing this metabolic pathway, DEINOVE has managed to produce multiple types of carotenoids on a laboratory scale.

A first innovative carotenoid, Phytoene, was developed on an industrial scale and marketed as a cosmetic active ingredient under the name Phyt-N-Resist®. Previously, there was no production process for 100% pure Phytoene.

Another carotenoid is under development (see press release).